The Ten Commandments of zebrafish facility

  1. A facility MUST have a designated manager who coordinates the work of the facility. 
  2. Wash your hands before handling ANYTHING in the fish facility and then put disposable gloves on. Gloves, dedicated shoes or shoe protectors and a lab coat must be worn at ALL times
  3. Limit the access to the main facility to authorized and trained personnel (LEGAL REQUIRIEMENT) only and limit the human traffic not to stress the fish. Nonessential visitors should not be allowed in the facility
  4. Enter the facility only during the light cycle. Do not disturb photoperiod nor fish while they sleep.
  5. Avoid glass at all cost. Be aware that glass can be easily broken (danger to the fish and personnel) and might bind detergents or other chemicals that can affect fish.
  6. For eggs/larvae manipulations use ONLY disposables (e.g. plates, pipettes) and NEVER reuse them. 
  7. Whatever falls on the floor cannot have contact with fish or go into the tanks. If fish would end up on the floor, you must euthanize it and dispose it correctly (biohazard, waste category I). If it is a net, lid, or other equipment, sterilizes it when possible before using it again or discard. 
  8. All fish lines MUST HAVE a certificate of origin and a health certificate from the sending facility and MUST be placed in quarantine (even if bleached eggs have been imported). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. Every six months send sentinel fish for pathogen testing and once a year carry out a thorough testing including histopathological examination, with an accredited company.
  10. Ensure that your aquatic system works well and biological filtration is sufficient to keep water parameters at its optimum. Use feeds from sources offering safe and good quality products. Fish must be visually inspected daily (during feeding for instance). Report fish that look or behave abnormal.

If you will keep fish happy, they will keep you happy.

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